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I like to spin for the same reasons I like to knit, bead, and cook.  I like taking one thing and turning it in to something else. Knitting is a practical thing to enjoy.  It doesn’t matter what I spend … Continue reading

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I want to cry…

My ultimate judge of a book is whether or not it made me cry.  If it didn’t, I’ll remember the book as just being a lackluster shadow of what it COULD have been. Sitting unopened on my shelf, a book … Continue reading

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A new hobby

It has finally happened… I, Kali, have taken up golf. It’s difficult for me to sum up the lack of enthusiasm I have had for golf for my entire life.  Both of my parents play, and have played for the … Continue reading

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Stuffed Zucchini

The other day I was wandering through my cooking blogs and came across the most drool-worthy healthy recipe I have ever seen: Stuffed Zucchini. Originally this recipe was from Tartelette, but I modified it quite a bit. I found it … Continue reading

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A little bit of lace

I was planning to write about writing today.  I’ve come up with a new plan of attack for editing my novel, and one of my classmates shared the most wonderful story yesterday that I wanted to talk about.  (I got … Continue reading

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Knit In Public Day… all week long.

Clearly this is a contradiction in ideas, no?  And Knit In Public Day isn’t even a week, it’s 9 days long. I suppose I understand the idea – not everyone will be able to knit in public on a single … Continue reading

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Danny was my baby, my love, and in my opinion, the perfect horse.  He always tried his best, always took care of me, and was always a gentleman. Last year he broke his pelvis, I still don’t know how, and … Continue reading

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A Wedding and a Return to Normalcy

In my experience, I can tell from the way a bride and groom look at each other during their wedding how the first few years of their marriage will go.  I make no claims to being able to predict long-term … Continue reading

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Pictures of our Art

The waterfall painting I fell in love with. The two birch tree paintings. For the story behind these pieces of art, see my previous post.

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Rob and I had a lot of fun yesterday.  Well, I had a lot of fun yesterday and I hope he did as well.  We went wandering through all the shops along the main roads here at Rehoboth Beach.  We … Continue reading

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